The world’s first non-invasive cataract solution


Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness across the world. 65 million people suffer from the condition, which is approximately 60% of the population over the age of 65. By 2050 it is predicted that this will grow to be 900 million individuals.

The UK currently carries out approximately 330,000 cataract operations per year, at a cost of £300m. This increases by approximately 15% year-on-year. The result is that cataract surgery is an increasing burden and cost to the NHS, which is already under enormous pressure. On top of this, patients are waiting an average of 2 years for treatment, potentially encountering unavoidable surgical risks and enduring the 6 week recovery time.

Ledinbio is the world’s first non-invasive solution. It’s a one-stop diagnosis and treatment solution that treats and reverses cataracts.

Ledinbio: A life changing worldwide innovation

We know that cataracts develop when ageing or injury occurs and changes the tissue that makes up the eye’s lens.

When we’re young, our lenses are like clear glass. When cataracts form, the proteins in the lens of your eye change shape and clump together. Because of this the light doesn’t go straight through the lens. It bounces and scatters, which means your vision becomes like frosted bathroom glass; blurry, hazy and cloudy.

After extensive research, we have discovered that light of a specific wavelength can reverse the build-up of aggregates which causes the lens to become cloudy, and that’s how Ledinbio was created.

Ledinbio uses light energy with specific wavelengths, which cause chemical changes to the lens and proteins in your eye, enabling them to return to their normal shape. The protein in your eyes that is adjusted stops the scatter and reflection, allowing light through the lens so that you can see clearly and brightly once again, without the need for surgery. We can also monitor changes in the lens, giving us information on the effectiveness of the light treatment, making Ledinbio the world’s first non-invasive solution to treat and reverse cataracts.

Ledinbio versus cataract surgery

The treatment can be delivered by an optometrist, and is an easy, accessible and affordable procedure. You can access treatment up to 90% faster than surgery delivered by the NHS, there is no recovery time involved and it completely removes the risk and complications of surgery.

Cataracts surgery

  • currently sole solution to cataracts
  • costs at least £2500 per eye
  • an average of a 2+ year waiting time
  • operation in hospital
  • under general anaesthetic
  • risk that surgery brings
  • 25% risk of needing a follow up surgical intervention
  • 6 week recovery time
  • driving prohibited


  • new cataracts treatment solution
  • reduced cost per treatment (£1000 per eye)
  • no waiting time
  • easy procedure by local optometrist
  • no anaesthetic needed
  • no surgery needed
  • access treatment 90% faster

  • no recovery time
  • Driving is allowed

Ledinbio delivers disruptive change to a market suffering from backlog and lack of innovation.

Ledinbio is easily accessible to everyone, including those with underlying health conditions who can’t currently receive surgery. Ledinbio is also more affordable, with the treatment costing only £1000 per eye instead of the £2500 per eye you would currently pay for private treatment. This reduces the cost enormously, not just for the patient, but the healthcare system. The result is that Ledinbio offers a fast solution as opposed to waiting on the lengthy NHS waiting list and an affordable option for those considering private surgery.