The Global Solution for Diagnosis and Reversal of Cataracts

Most cataracts occur in people over the age of 60 years and are age-related.

It is estimated that there are more than 65 million people with moderate or severe distance vision impairment or blindness due to untreated cataract. There are around 10 million cataracts surgeries performed worldwide each year and the problem is growing more quickly than current treatments can deal with.
Globally around £13.4billion is spent each year on cataract surgery with demand far exceeding supply. In the US alone the market is worth £3.6 billion annually with the average price equating to nearly £2,720 per eye. The opportunity for a solution which can treat cataract, without requiring surgical intervention and the associated support networks, is therefore highly significant.

Edinburgh Bioscience solution to this problem has been the development of a light-based treatment which has been shown in early clinical trials to reverse the visual problems caused by cataract. Once approved this device will be easy to use, able to deliver treatment in high street opticians and deliver significant returns for the company.