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A core value of Edinburgh Biosciences is its commitment to the understanding and application of the latest advances in optoelectronic science as applied to the development of spectroscopy. The Applications section of the web site provides an overview of subjects of interest to the wider business community. This technology-oriented section provides additional resources for those who wish further details of material outlines in the companion Application section of the web site.


Upgrade of diffraction grating spectrometers for multiple purposes

by S. Desmond Smith, Alan Kerr, Matt Shelton, Roger Fenske

This paper accompanies the Application Note entitled “Interference Filters in Spectroscopy” and provides an in depth analysis of the comparative qualities of interference filters versus monochromators as indicated by the abstract of the paper:

“The overall quality of spectroscopic instruments based on diffraction grating monochromators is limited by stray radiation and higher order effects of the employed gratings. Novel variable long- and short-wave pass interference filters have been developed within the framework of the Eurostars Optitune programme between Edinburgh Instruments and Delta of Denmark. These filters, which can be combined to form band-pass filters with a finely tunable center wavelength and bandwidth, are capable of severely reducing the limiting factors of grating spectrometers. Thus, a smaller alternative to double-monochromator systems is provided. In some cases, the use of filters gives advantages in signal to noise ratio due to the avoidance of substantial light losses at multiple grating surfaces.”