EBS Secures Innovate UK Grant

EBS are pleased to confirm the award of an Innovate UK Grant, the grant will enable us to progress our Research and Development into improving the Diagnosis and Non-Invasive Treatment of Cataracts. Our devices and training modules are being designed for ease of use, such that there will no longer be a need for sophisticated…

Office Move Planned

New larger office and labs planned for move in April 2018. Still based in Livingston. We should still be able to answer emails in our normal Mon-Fri 8-4 opening hours with only perhaps a 24h delay in the week of move. Updates will be on the website and twitter For more information please contact info@edinbio.com

European Funded Project CATACURE complete

We are delighted to announce that EBS received notification that the European Commission has concluded that the project is complete. Thank you to all our partners for your input and for this very favorable report outcome. We, at EBS, are continuing the program without pause and moving the research and development forward towards human trials.

Smart Scotland Grant Award

Edinburgh Biosciences Ltd. (EBS) is pleased to announce it has received a SMART: SCOTLAND grant for just under £100K to develop an Epi-fluorescence surface scanner (EFSCAN) for in situ detection of protein contamination. This grant will allow EBS to extend the pioneering collaboration with University of Edinburgh aimed at developing an instrument to allow routine…